Weekend Promo: Attention: Activision!

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Arcanum, Gabriel Knight, Zeus+Poseidon, Quest for Glory, and many more Activision classics 60% off!

As the weekend draws near, it’s time to reveal the next exciting promo on GOG.com. So here I am, shouting from the top of my lungs: Attention: Activision!. Here’s a superb collection of 32 memorable titles. Oh, wait… that’s wrong. What I meant was: 32 game boxes. Some of them contain more than just one game, so the actual number of titles in the Attention: Activision! promo amounts to over 50! You can get them all 60% off until Tuesday, September 2, at 3:59AM GMT. Let’s take a peek into some of the boxes!

Arcanum: of Steamworks and Magic Obscura summons the spirit of classic isometric RPGs into a unique world where steampunk meets fantasy in a creative mixture of imagination, weird fiction adventure, and role-playing freedom. Gabriel Knight, a tormented young writter, came to be a celebrity of the point-and-click adventure genre. The first game he stars in–subtitled “Sins of the Fathers”–features beautiful pixel-art graphics, over 7000 lines of fully-voiced dialog, and a dark story balancing on the verge of madness and occult. That’s just the beginning of Gabriel’s saga. Quest for Glory 1-5 is an amazing collection of Sierra’s innovative action-RPGs. Each of the five games can be played as a whole but you can also treat the series as one big adventure, as the character and his accumulated wealth can carry on from one game into another. Experience the game that set many standards in the “new school” of computer RPG!

Those excellent games are but a tip of the iceberg of Activision-licenced awesomeness. There are dozens of other fantastic titles you can grab 60% off, so head out to Activision catalog page and go nuts! The promo lasts until Tuesday, September 2, at 3:59AM GMT, so don’t miss out!

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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