Gem Promo: 7th Legion

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Reclaim the Earth!

7th Legion, a sci-fi real-time strategy title spanning 35 fast-paced missions and an immpressive number of diverse units, is available 60% off on That’s only $2.39 for the next 24 hours!

The game is a stunning RTS set on the long-forlorn Earth, that is once again a backdrop for an epic conflict. The interstellar Evacuation Program for the wealthy left the overpopulated and polluted planet to the poor and underprivileged. Centuries later, the “Chosen” come back to reclaim the derelict globe only to be greeted by the 7th Legion in a rather explosive manner. While taking control of whichever side of the conflict you prefer you get to develop their technology to create advanced structures and weapons. To obliterate the oppositiion you’ll need to beat timed sub-missions and quickly hone your strategic planning and execution. Oh, and make sure you play your Battle Cards right! The version also comes with the full MP3 soundtrack by the unsung hero of the 90s synthsound Blair Zuppicich.

If you’re up for some intense futuristic RTS action make sure you give 7th Legion a try, now for only $2.39! The offer lasts until 9:59AM GMT on Tuesday, September 2.

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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