Release: Grim Dawn: Crucible DLC

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Ave, Lokarr, morituri te salutant!

Grim Dawn: Crucible, a frantic arena mode full of monsters made of teeth, claws and promises of rich loot, is available now, DRM-free on, with a 15% launch discount and a 40% discount for the base game.

An invitation to a place of death. A promise of unfathomable riches. A challenge of survival in four brutal arenas where the bravest and most foolish warriors have met their untimely ends. Lokarr, the sinister lord of the Crucible is looking for brave souls who can face the 150 consecutive waves of enemies thrown at them and live to tell the tale or even claim the bountiful rewards! Earn powerful buffs granted by the Celestials, build defensive mechanisms to aid in your desperate stand against the advancing fiends, and prove to its enigmatic curator that you are the true master of the arena. Just make sure to adjust your murdering strategies when the unpredictable Mutators start getting activated…

Test your mettle and clicking finger against endless waves of cruel beasties inside the Grim Dawn: Crucible, DRM-free on
The 15/40% discounts will last until August 10, 4:59 PM UTC.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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