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Lock, stock, and two gaping jaws.

Armed and Dangerous®, the outrageous 3rd-person shooter where a band of misfits saves the world with eccentric weaponry, is now available, DRM-free on, with a 25% launch discount.

A wanted bandit, a tea-obsessed robot, a mole-man that’s good with explosives, and an old man with an overpowering smell will go up against King Forge’s robot army. Their goal? Simple: steal the Book of Rule and save the world. But not before they make a big ol’ mess of it.
As a career outlaw, Roman’s not afraid to play dirty. Besides his considerable swagger, he packs some neat, non-standard-issue weaponry like a gun that plants a hungry land-shark in the ground, gas grenades that make his enemies switch sides, and a gravity-reversing gun that sends everyone flying. Will that be enough to see his rag-tag team through to the end of this crazy adventure? Do they have the firepower to defeat hulking Goliaths, disgusting hybrids, and killer droids? And is it actually true that Roman wears his mask to hide his disgustingly bad teeth?

Jump the shark and find yourself inside a rip-roaring action romp that will make you feel Armed and Dangerous®, DRM-free on
The 25% discount will last until December 28, 10:59 PM UTC.

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