Starbound 1.2: The Vault Update is here!

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Starbound, the sandbox action/RPG where you explore and plunder a procedurally generated universe, has received the 1.2 Vault Update, courtesy of Space Santa! It’s full of some welcome fixes and plenty of sweet additions, the most important of which are:

– Ancient Vaults: A mysterious Outpost trader will send accomplished players on a perilous quest inside procedurally generated dungeons, that will test both their skills and appetite for treasure!
– Terraforming: Some of the mysterious devices you retrieve from the Ancient Vaults have the power to transform regions or even entire planets into different biomes. Pretty neat, huh?
– Weapon upgrades and elemental damage: Take advantage of the ancient anvils inside the Vaults to enhance your legendary weapons but make sure they remain effective against the various monsters with resistance or weakness to certain types of elemental damage.
– Holiday Spirit: The jolly Space Santa brings you a supply of festive items to help spread the joy across the galaxy!

There are many more surprises hiding inside the Vault Update for Starbound, but to unlock them all, you’ll need to brave the dangers and mysteries of its peculiar planets! If you want to prepare yourself for all the changes, go ahead and check out the full list here.

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