Release: Grim Dawn

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Hacking and slashing ’till the break of dawn.

Grim Dawn, the ridiculously addictive action/RPG that transcends distinctions between quality and quantity, is now available DRM-free on with GOG Galaxy support for multiplayer and achievements, and a 10% launch discount.

Since the ancient times, the coming of dawn has been the arch-nemesis of dedicated gamers the world over. This is all about to change as the coming of Grim Dawn will soon become associated with endless gaming sessions for many years to come. Or until your powerhouse Hardcore character meets their permanent death.

All the features you crave in a modern ARPG are here. You can tailor your hero to suit your play style by mixing and matching the six available classes in awesome dual-class combinations, with dozens of skills and modifiers sprinkled on top. Then, make sure you have enough room in your inventory to store the abundance of clickable loot found in this vast, apocalyptic fantasy land. Take them with you in world-shaping quests that will make you face tough choices and decide the fate of entire villages as you question your alliances and face the consequences of your actions. Hundreds of uniquely skilled enemies (and your homework) will attempt to stand in the way of your heroic deeds, but that will only make the visceral, spectacularly depicted bloodbath feel all the more satisfying.

Surrender yourself to the gothic allure of hacking and slashing and welcome the Grim Dawn, DRM-free on

In the press :

“Blow for blow, this is one of the best ARPGs in years.” – IGN
“The spiritual successor to Diablo 2 that fans have been pining about for years.” – MMORPG
“Grim Dawn’s the action-RPG I’ve enjoyed the most in quite some time.” – Rock Paper Shotgun

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