Weekend Sale: March of the penguins, up to -85%

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Relax with the Tux.

Spring sun is (mostly) shining but that won’t stop the penguins from marching! With Ubuntu 18.04 receiving official support today, GOG is overrun with the loveable goofs. In order to make our black & white friends feel even more at home, we cooked up this special Weekend Salee featuring games that support Linux and/or low spec machines.

Who knew penguins and Escape Goats can be such good friends? Break out of prison by puzzle/platforming through its treacherous halls and manipulating the environment with physics on your side. Also a mouse with magical abilities.

There’s nowhere to hide when the Mark of the Ninja is upon you. Use the shadows to silently assassinate your opponents in swift and creative ways, all wonderfully animated by the 2D masters of Klei Entertainment.

The Weekend Sale ends April 30, 10 pm UTC.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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