Weekend Promo: Kalypso + Cinemaware + DotEmu

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Up to 80% off your best holiday buddies: Tropico 3, Raiden Legacy, Cultures 1+2, Defender of the Crown, Gobliiins Pack, Dungeons 2, and more!

With the holidays still on, it’s easy to get distracted by delicious food and family reunions instead of spending time with your good, bleep-blooping friend. But what if he had some shiny new toys to show you, like these neat games from Kalypso + Cinemaware + DotEmu, for example? And what if he told you these gems are now up to 80% off and you should totally let him have them?

Devious damsels, amoral knights, and a murdered King. England is in disarray and desperately needs a Defender of the Crown to push back the advancing Normans. Your turn-based tactics, swordfighting skills, and jousting prowess will decide if you are the one.

Vikings are renowned for their fierceness in combat, not their ability in building and maintaining settlements on unfamiliar lands. But that’s what they’ll be doing in the RTS/RPGs Cultures 1+2, in order to tame the Americas or fight the evil Midgard Serpent that threatens to devour Europe.

You’ve given a cutting-edge space fighter and a mission: destroy MegaCorp’s competitors by any means necessary. So hop on your Raptor: Call of the Shadows 2010, buy shiny upgrades, and let the enemy waves have it!

Sift through Kalypso + Cinemaware + DotEmu catalogs for the holiday gifts that your PC has been asking for, going for up to 80% off: Wings! Remastered Edition, Raiden Legacy, Tropico 3 Gold, Dungeons 2, and more!
The promo will last until January 1, 4:59 AM UTC.

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