System Shock “Source Port” update now live, game is 50% off

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System overclock: engage.

System Shock: Enhanced Edition, the seminal horror FPS/RPG (or “immersive sim”, if you’re being fancy), has been further enhanced with the Source Port free update. It’s also 50% off until September 17th, 3 pm UTC.

The game has been rebuilt from its original source code and it packs some pretty shocking improvements, including 4K resolution support, official support for fan missions and mods, smoother camera rotation, improved control scheme, support for both Direct3D and OpenGL, mouselook support, plus it fixes some of the bugs still scurrying about since the game’s original release!

That should be enough to make even Shodan smile. Before she tries to kill you again, of course.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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