Release: Europa Universalis II + Europa Universalis: Rome Gold + Hearts of Iron II: Complete

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A new batch of Paradox Strategy titles comes to, just in time for yet another floor of the Bundle Tower! That’s Europa Universalis II, Europa Universalis: Rome Gold and Hearts of Iron II: Complete – our bundle of History Lessons!

Europa Universalis II is very much like the original title – but with a longer timeline, hundreds of new provinces and playable countries, and even more detail combined with quality of life improvements. It’s the sequel to the award winning (and groundbreaking) strategy title that’s spawned so many of Paradox Entertainment’s future games – including the two released today.
One of EU’s direct descendants, Europa Universalis: Rome Gold also known simply as Rome, brings the familiar gameplay into 250 years of Roman history, with a few twists like a fully 3D-map, and a story that can start all the way back in the year 27 B.C. The Gold release also includes the Vae Victis expansion pack.
Hearts of Iron II: Complete, like any Paradox sequel, is both deeper and more streamlined than the previous entry, offering an all-around improved hour-by-hour World War 2 grand-strategy simulation full of historical detail, and tactical depth. Small-scale invasion scenarios to all out global war – this one has you covered.

Learning history has never been more fun, than with the Bundle Tower History Lessons, available now 75% off on!

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