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Sins of the father

D: The Game, a psychological horror adventure through dark family secrets, is available now for Windows, Mac, and Linux, DRM-free on

The halls of a big Los Angeles hospital are riddled with dead bodies, the gruesome work of a mass murderer. Several other innocent people have been taken hostages by the madman, who has barricaded himself inside. When Laura Harris, a scholar in San Francisco, finds out, she rushes to the hospital to investigate. Why? The man responsible for the bloodbath is the well-respected supervisor of the hospital and also her father.
Time is not on Laura’s side, however, as she only has two hours to navigate the shifting realities of the hospital, overcome the challenges in her path, and try to solve the most sinister puzzle of all: the reason why her quiet father turned into this bloodthirsty monster.

Explore a hospital drenched in blood and discover the dark forces that guide your father’s killing hand in D: The Game, DRM-free on

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