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33-75% off NEO Scavenger, Pier Solar, Elminage Gothic and Paper Sorcerer.

We’re big fans of RPGs. Real time or turn based, first person or isometric. jRPGs, cRPGs, aRPGs. We just love… allRPGs. On today’s episode of Weekly Staff Picks we’ve got a selection of four RPG wonders… each perfectly unique in its very own way.

NEO Scavenger is 2014’s indie sweetheart surprise that stole our collective hearts, then stomped all over them in a blend of RPG, survival, and dysentery. Nobody’s saying surviving in a post-apocalyptic universe is easy, but you could at least try… More challenge awaits in Elminage Gothic, a peculiar dungeon crawler from the makers of the “Wizardry Empire”, for the biggest fans. It’s classic, it’s complex, and it refuses to hold your hand. It’s nothing personal, it just grew up in a different time. For a lighter twist on the classic dungeon crawler, check out Paper Sorcerer – it’s a turn-based RPG with an absolutely unique art style and gameplay that’s tastefully old school with modern tropes. Finally, there’s Pier Solar and the Great Architects – released in 2010… on the SEGA Mega Drive and SEGA Genesis. It was a product of love for the jRPG and the classic consoles. Pier Solar has since been ported to several systems including the PC, but despite upgraded graphics the old-school charm remains strong.

We’d never commit to a single type of RPG, we just plain ol’ love allRPGs. You can pick up four of our favourite ones today, at up to 75% off until Thursday, July 23, 9:59 AM GMT.

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