QUAKE LIVE Update 23 – April 21, 2015


By SyncError

Four new arenas! Two new announcers! Five new medals! Starting weapon changes and more! Today’s update brings us some new content and important fixes, read what’s new below!

New Arenas Added:

  • Elder

Deep from within the bowels of the Nameless City lies Elder, a nostalgic Quake 1 inspired arena. This small and simple dreary place is home to more than just it’s combatants, for Elder beings lie dormant in waiting, feeding off the pain and torment of it’s captives. Locked away within lies 1xRA, 2xYA, 1xMH, and a 1x50hp for players to control, and after two minutes of gameplay two heavy stone doors reveal access to a railgun previously inaccessible. However beware, on Elder more than the usual is up for grabs as one shiny gold key lingers in it’s halls for one and only one player to control; control the key and control the map. Designed by Adam ‘SyncError’ Pyle for Duel, Elder is also available for small FFA and 2v2 TDM matches.

New Game Mechanics:

  • Keys – Keys are available for pickup immediately on match start and once picked never respawn until the key holder dies. Kill the key holder and then retrieve the key to gain passage through the locked gold door. Elder introduces this concept with the gold key and door, and we’ve added support for future maps to also posses silver and master keys. The silver, gold, and master key models were crafted by Jochum ‘Hipshot’ Skoglund.
  • Single State (Unary) Switches – Buttons and triggers now exist that allow you to activate a door or platform causing the mover to move once and remain in place for the remainder of the map, allowing maps to dynamically alter over the course of a match. Extending the ramps or opening the Obelisk Courtyard on Elder will create new means …read more

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