Engine & Web Update


By sponge

We’ve just updated the web and engine components of the game to fix and improve a few issues since the launch of the new design.

Engine Changes

  • Disabled online/offline friend notifications while in-game. Those who wish to restore them will be able to in a future update, when we tie the in-game messages to the Site Preferences in Account Settings.
  • Fixed mouse4/mouse5 back/forward navigation working sporadically.
  • Fixed issue where alt-tabbing out of game and clicking back in would cause navigation to fail unless clicked twice
  • Updated Awesomium to latest version to improve browser history in general.

Web Changes

  • Fixed match details popping when scrolling down.
  • Fixed Premium brochure always bringing you back to match browser when going to subscribe.
  • Fixed sorting by players using different criteria than what is displayed in the list.
  • Add the premium badge to profiles in addition to the watermarked background.
  • Fixed deleting presets from sometimes choosing the wrong preset.
  • Fixed default settings for FreezeTag in Create Match, should now be consistent with public servers.
  • Darkened second line of server browser text to increase readability.

Source: Quake Live


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