Prodigy Tactics: Update adds two multiplayer modes, new hero and arena

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Keep your frenemies close.

Prodigy Tactics, the tactical arena brawler with the delightfully diverse cast of characters, just got its first big update since it launched In Development. Those who enjoy giving their friends a good virtual beating will be glad to know that it brings:
– 2 multiplayer modes. Play Against a Friend, which lets you invite and duel people you know, or Unranked, which lets you duel strangers (and then add them to your friends list for a rematch)
– A new hero, the fierce student of the martial arts Amoa
– A new sandy arena, the Citadel of Bak

What are you waiting for? Time to jump back into the fight and unleash your warriors upon the troubled world of Thasys!

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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