Pre-order offer update: Age of Wonders 3

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A new “Fair Price Package” detailed.

As per today’s update on getting back to our roots (which you can read here) we are happy to offer a new fair price package for Age of Wonders 3. We’ve made sure that the price difference is by largely covered by the extra gift codes you’ll receive, so here’s our updated pre-order offer, which will go live in the next two weeks:

The Fair Price Package for our UK customers affected by local prices is now one $9.99 code for anyone who buys the Standard Edition, and two $5.99 codes for the Deluxe Edition.

For other European customers affected by local prices the Fair Price Package for Standard Edition is now one $9.99 code and one $5.99 code, and for the Deluxe Edition it’s three $5.99 codes.

If you already pre-ordered Age of Wonders 3 and received the bonus game gift from us, we’ll send you the remaining gift codes to meet the new Fair Price Pacage offer detailed above. If your price difference happened to be $10.00 and you’ve already selected and redeemed a $5.99 game, please contact support so they can replace it with any of our $9.99 games for you.

Another thing–when the pre-order offer was launched you could pick a game from a selection of titles. We did not give you the freedom of choice and we would like to fix it. If for any reason you’re unhappy with the pick of games that we offered and you ended up with something you’re not entirely satisfied with, we invite you to pick something else from our catalog instead. Just contact our customer support and we’ll be happy to exchange your free title for another game of the same price range.

If any of this seems unintuitive to you, our customer support team will be happy to help you. We do hope that this kind of “Fair Price Package” makes much more sense to you and that everyone’s experience with getting their game from will be as pleasant as we always aim for it to be. would like to thank Triumph Studios, the fantastic development team behind Age of Wonders 3, for working with us to make this offer possible.

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