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A fast-paced roguelike-like old-school medium-core single-serving first-person gun-shooter. WHAT?!

Once upon a time in the Wild West there lived an engineer who harnessed the power of steam to construct giant contraptions that would reign terror upon the simple folk. The engineer kidnapped the mayor’s beautiful daughter and built a giant tower full of traps and dangerous automatons so he could lock her up on the top floor. You are the county sheriff and your task is to storm the tower and ask the mayor’s daughter for her dad’s favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Grab the sandwich, leave the damsel, get back down and feed the hungry mayor. Yup. That’s totally your mission here. Sounds random? Well, to tell you the truth, that’s not the actual story in this game. But it might just as well be!

Tower of Guns is a game designed to give you a full single-serving FPS experience everytime you play it. Each floor of the tower you’ll be attempting to capture consists of a random set of predefined rooms, populated with different setup of enemies, loot, and power-ips. The game also offers many different combinations of weapons and character perks, adding special flavor to every play. Even the narrative is selected at random, so the backstory can have you follow strict orders from your commanding officer just to make you into a delivery boy with an important package the next time around. The silly dialog is well in sync with the game’s humorous tone that makes everything from the descriptions of your guns down to the names of bosses into a lighthearted joke. All that comes with somewhat cartoonish graphics, some quirky puzzles, and zany gameplay ideas. The game can prove to be challenging and may force you to dust off your old-school shooter skills, like circular strafing and bunny-hopping. Be warned, though described as a “lunch-break” type of game, beating the tower takes up to an hour, so make sure you’ve got some time left to actually eat your lunch. Or better yet, try not to play it in your lunch break at all. It’s too fun and addictive to put down, and it could ruin your productivity for the day!

Master the art and science of gunslinging while tower-running in the endless canonade brought to you by the Tower of Guns, for only $9.99 on The 33% off special release discount offer lasts until Tuesday, March 11, at 10:59AM GMT.

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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