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Welcome to where time stands still. No one leaves and no one will.

I am alone in here. I enjoy being alone. I’d prefer to be left that way. It’s a little bit cold here, but I don’t mind. I’m comfortable. I’m not hungry and I’m not thirsty. I don’t miss my mommy. Not anymore. I think I kind of forgot what she looked like. I just want to sit here and play with my doll. In the night time the angels come to cut her open. I can hear them whispering. That’s the only sound they make. Their wings are silent, just like owl’s. I pretend I’m asleep. Otherwise, they might cut me open too. In the morning I’m sewing my doll up, but with each day it gets more difficult. One of these days, I won’t be able to fix her and I’ll have to just leave her open. Angels in the night won’t have any other choice but to open me, instead. Will you come again, then? Please sir, will you come to sew me back up? I would like that. I think I’d prefer to sit here, alone and whole rather than be left open. Can you promise me, sir?

Sanitarium is one of those games that you don’t forget easily. Gameplay-wise, it’s a traditional adventure title with top-down isometric visuals, and not much gimmicks. But when it comes to the story, this one takes you way out of any sane man’s comfort zone and puts you in the middle of an insanity-fest. Your surroundings are creepy, the characters you meet are eerie, and the protagonist has no memory of his past. Tiptoeing over the fine line that separates life and death you try to unveil the terrifying reality hidden behind the horrors of your character’s visions. If that’s not the perfect premise of a psychological thriller game, than we truly don’t know what is.

Dare to cross over into the twisted, deranged world that engulfs all who visit the Sanitarium, for only $3.99 on The Classic Gem Promo 60% off discount offer lasts only until Tuesday, March 4, at 10:59AM GMT.

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