Pre-order: Blackguards 2 + series discount

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The Dark Eye still gazes upon you!

Blackguards 2, Daedalic Entertainment’s anticipated sequel to one of last year’s best tactical RPGs, is now available with a -10% pre-order discount, for Windows, Mac and Linux, on! If you already own the first Blackguards game on, you’ll receive an entire -20% off Blackguards 2 during the pre-order period.

To make the wait go by, the original Blackguards and its Untold Legends DLC will be available for -75% and -33% off respectively. You can grab the entire discounted series, until Blackguards 2 launches on January 20, this week only on!

Blackguards 2 presents a non-linear story of a ragtag group of antiheroes in the gritty world of the The Dark Eye. The original Blackguards, a hexy, turn based, tactical RPG known for its deep combat system, gave players an unprecedented amount of choice on the battlefield. Blackguards 2 will be everything a sequel should be: bigger, hexier and more complex.
The original title’s combat system will see many improvements, with a plethora of fresh and exciting gameplay mechanics waiting to challenge veterans and new players alike.

Now’s your chance to do some catching up with Blackguards, before hopping into Blackguards 2 right away, with this fantastic pre-order deal and series discount. The offer will last until Tuesday, January 20, when the game is expected to launch on

Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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