Night in the Woods updated to Weird Autumn Edition

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More crimes! Gregg still rulz ok.

The soulful narrative-driven adventure Night in the Woods just became even more delightful and content-heavy. If you haven’t visited Possum Springs yet, first of all it’s never too late and second of all, what’s wrong with you?

Weird Autumn Edition comes as a free update to all owners and it brings a whole bunch of cool, creepy and downright criminal additions that are worth experiencing even you already beat the game once. Besides, weren’t you always curious to see what adventures the rest of the gang could get you into? Of course you were.

So here’s what’s new:
– New nighttime activities, lovingly known as “crimes”
– The Lost Constellation and Longest Night minisodes now implemented into the main game
– More weird happenings to keep you on your toes.

The stars are aligned. The cosmos beckons. The time is right to go spend another Night in the Woods.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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