Contest: Your Great Escape

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You’ve got a pickle, a snowglobe and a pool noodle. What will your legendary jailbreak be?

Many real-life prison escapes happened in ways one would not expect. Choi Gap-bok squeezed through a food slot to get out of his jail cell. Jack Sheppard was an 18th century prison break celebrity after pulling off the bedsheet rope trick a few times. Frank Abagnale actually convinced his guard that he was the prison inspector. Three Parkhurst Prison escapees actually created their own master key as part of their legendary breakout.

Compared with those, the task that lies ahead of you should seem like child’s play.
You’re in jail. Having managed to gather the three items crucial to your escape – those being a snowglobe, pool noodle, and a pickle – you must now conduct your escape plan. How will you do it?

The conditions are:
1. Your plan has to be possible to execute within 12 hours
2. You have to get out of jail in a condition allowing for further escape
3. You have to use all three items
4. You do not have help within the prison

Tell us in a comment how you’re going to pull it off, but make sure to fit your plan in 100 words or less! Post your entry no later than Friday, February 20th at 4:59 PM GMT

– 1 post per person, any edits to be made within 3 hours of posting
– Winners will be announced no later than February 27th

We will choose 3 winners – each of them will get a swag bag from Team 17, publishers of The Escapists (incl. a towel, a hoodie and “prison soap”) and 5 gift codes to aid them in their jailbreak ploy. We’ll also pick honorable mentions and reward them with a gift code each!

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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