Movie Release: Us and the Game Industry

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DRM-free movie release.

Us and the Game Industry, a documentary focusing on the very modern craft of virtual world creation and the people pursuing it, is available 40% off, DRM-Free on That’s $5.99 for the first week.

Experience recent designs for computer games in the 21st Century. The traditional industry had been making a rolling set of waves in the commercial space. This film draws in close to a smaller and significant set of explorations into interactive experience. The developer, thatgamecompany, is watched during it’s build of JOURNEY(2012). Other adventurers are the independents Jason Rohrer, Alexander Bruce, Douglas Wilson( Die Gute Fabrik) and Zach Gage. The developers, their peers and the world of support structures for these expose the magic explored in a number of games. Interviews occur in San Francisco, New York, Davis, Austin and Copenhagen. Ready? Let’s talk about Us and the Game Industry.

If you like to take a peek behind the curtain to see how the magic happens and maybe even meet the magician and see what do they consider to be magic, make sure to grab Us and the Game Industry DRM-free on The 40% off special launch discount promo lasts until Tuesday, September 9, at 11:59AM GMT.

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