FoxTail updated with plenty of foxy content

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Old school, new content.

FoxTail, the charming In Development point & click about a young fox looking for a way to cure her granny, has just received a big update full of spiffy improvements and fluffy content. The game is also 10% off until June 3, 10pm UTC.

Some highlights:
– Two new optional mini-quests
– More than 600 additional phrases for Leah to say while trying to figure out the puzzles
– New quest entries in the diary
– Arrows to indicate area transitions or the available pages in a book
– Dialogue flow and usability improved
– Music now professionally mastered

Before you go back to your noble quest, please be aware that OLD SAVE GAMES ARE NOT COMPATIBLE with this new version. It is strongly recommended that you start a new game.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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