Lords of Xulima 70% off Promo + Contest

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Win an autographed, physical copy of Lords of Xulima: Collector’s Edition!

Scratch your old school RPG itch with a 70% discount on Lords of Xulima – Deluxe Edition, and the edition upgrade!

If we had to say one thing about Lords of Xulima it would be that it’s huge – over 100 gameplay hours of completely original fantasy roleplay huge. With a mix of isometric exploration and first-person turn based combat – it’s all the good old school gameplay you know and love to scratch that unique RPG itch. Lords of Xulima – Deluxe Edition includes exciting extra content: Talisman of Goldot DLC and the Special Digital Rewards package. The DLC includes three artifacts of epic giving power to help you on your journey, while the digital rewards are a package of impressive bonus content including an Original Soundtrack, a detailed Bestiary & Mythology of Xulima, Map of Xulima, and more! The promo lasts until July 19, 11:59 PM GMT.


If the promo wasn’t a good enough reason to explore the lands of Xulima, we’re also happy to announce a contest for you all!

You’ve shown us time and time again that you’re all other kinds of creative. If you’re anything like us, than about half of every extended classic RPG session was spent rolling and adjusting every possible stat on that perfect party. That’s the side of RPG gaming joy that really doesn’t get enough credit – so this week we want to bring it to the forefront in the most classic style!


Design (write, draw, paint, photoshop, photograph) your very own RPG character sheet. Pen and paper style. Show us the coolest, funniest or just most creative character you can think of! Is it you? Is it your cat? Is it your grandmother, vanquisher of the empty …read more

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