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Become a keeper of dungeons.

Guild of Dungeoneering, a dungeon crawler with a 180 twist, is available now for Windows (and OS X soon), DRM-free on!

In Guild of Dungeoneering, you are not the adventurer – you are the adventure! Or rather, your are the dungeon. Instead of controlling your hero, you’re in charge of creating a playing field for adventurers to explore. Collect unique cards to aid you in creating the perfect dungeoneering adventure, whether everything goes according to plan or things go hilariously south, Guild of Dungeoneering will always offer its own brand of joy with plenty rogue like progression, deck-building, and a fair bit of randomized hilarity. Take it from one of the devs: “You, the player, are running a guild. You can hire heroes, which are totally expendable, like interns, essentially. You get them from the tavern and send them to their deaths.”

Guild of Dungeoneering, your personal build-a-dungeon kit is here today, DRM-free on!

In the press:
“Guild of Dungeoneering is such an unassuming game, an anti-blockbuster if ever there was one. Yet it is one of the most interesting games I’ve played in months, and the kind I can see myself losing many hours to…” —Gamespot

Guild of Dungeoneering is a fun game with heaps of personality. The simplistic visuals might put some people off, but there’s surprising depth to be found as your hero levels up and your card deck expands. —PC Gamer

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