Indie Gem Promo: Eschalon Trilogy

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Isometric RPG delight!

The entire If you’re an old-time computer role-playing fan, the chances are that you said the following at least once in your life: “They don’t make cRPGs as they used to, nowadays“. For the better part, you would be correct. Most of the modern role-playing games don’t look nor play like their classic predecessors. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not as good, but they are–well–different. For all gamers disappointed by that state of things, here’s a title custom-tailored to their nostalgic needs!

Eschalon Trilogy was developed by people who are old-time hardcore computer role-players themselves, and you can see it in every aspect of their brilliant games. With classic isometric graphics, traditional gameplay mechanics, a large open-ended world, tons of quests, and randomly generated loot, this game is everything you need to get into that nostalgic mood only a fantasy adventure can induce. Highly recommended to all cRPG gamers!

Get Eschalon Trilogy for only $16.37 whole trilogy until Thursday, Apr. 17, at 9:59AM GMT. You can also get them separately: Eschalon: Book 1, Eschalon: Book 2, and Eschalon: Book 3 for $2.39, $3.99, and $9.99 respectively.

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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