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Join the guys in charge of for a chat! is going live on Twitch next week and we’d like to hearitly invite all of you to join us. Our founder, Marcin Iwiński (known in the forums as iWi), Piotr Karwowski (Destro), the VP of Online Technologies, and Trevor Longino (TheEnigmaticT), the Head of Marketing and PR, will do their best to answer your questions while remaining at least a bit entertaining, on Tuesday April 22, 6:00PM GMT (that’s 2:00 PM EDT and 11:00 AM PDT) in the Official Channel.

This wouldn’t be–of course–much of a Q&A if they didn’t have any questions to answer. We count on you, dear GOGgers, to provide many interesting ones! There has been many interesting things happening around, recently, so we’re sure many of you have thing you’d like to ask us. There’s a few ways to do that. You can ask your questions right here, in the forum thread below. You can sign in to the Twitch live chat as soon as the livestream starts, and post your thoughts and questions in there. Finally, you can tweet your question to our @GOGcom Twitter account, with the #GOGtwitch hashtag.

We’ll be with you for at least an hour (we may end up going longer!), but that’s probably still not enough time to answer all questions. We’ll select just the ones we think are most common to the community as a whole, and the most interesting ones as well. After the livestream is done, we’ll post a montage of its highlights with just a slight delay needed to put the thing together.

Again, we invite you to Official Channel on Tuesday April 22, 6:00PM GMT (that’s 2:00 PM EDT and 11:00 AM PDT), and we hope you’ll find time to join us!

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