Gem Promo: Screamer 4×4

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Get down and dirty!

“Right 5 over crest, Left 3 don’t cut, 120 Right 2 tidy into Left 1 over kick into right 3 tightens…” Seriously? Aren’t you getting a bit tired of all the hand-holding and racing a set route with all the other contestants? Why not make your own path? Well, provided you can deal with the super-bumpy terrain and plenty of mud! Get down and dirty with your 4-wheel-drive monster of a truck and grind it out to the finish line in the harshest racing conditions possible. With a variety of racing modes–Free Drive, Championship, or Trophy–including LAN multiplayer, Screamer 4X4 will let you get off the tarmac and explore the wilder side of racing.

Get off the tarmac and get your dirt on in Screamer 4X4, for only $2.39 on until Tuesday, August 19, 9:59AM GMT!

Source: GOG – Good Old Games


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