GWENT: Patch 0.8.25 now live!

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Time for some deck-reshuffling!

The second big patch for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game has just arrived on PC and Xbox One and it’s bound to make the Beta even more fun for veterans and newcomers alike.

Here are some of the biggest changes you’ll immediately notice:

– The card Clear Skies has been revamped. It is now called First Light and lets you choose between two effects when you play it: you can either remove all Weather effects or summon a Bronze unit from your deck.
– Geralt: Igni, one of the most popular cards you’ll come across, now works when the row you’re targeting has a total strength of at least 20 instead of 15.
– Plenty of cards had their strength values changed. Among them: Ciri went from 8 to 6, Prince Stannis went from 7 to 8, Odrin went from 5 to 4, and Mahakam Guard went from 3 to 4.
– Stammelford’s Tremors now deal 2 damage to both sides of the board.
– “Medic” category is now known as “Permadeath”. Units of this category cannot be resurrected. That includes usual suspects like Nenneke, Shani, and Lubberkin.
– Various fixes and improvements in the game.

If you want to study the full changelog, you can find it here.

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