Coming Soon: Caladrius Blaze

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Flow like chaos.

Caladrius Blaze, a masterclass in shoot-em-up, is coming soon to!

Formerly a console-exclusive, the quintessential corridor shoot-em-up comes to PC – where classic gameplay meets modern design, then clashes in a spectacle of flash, flesh, and destruction.

At it’s core Caladrius Blaze is a SHMUP’s SHMUP. But high production values and a few twists splash a fresh coat of paint and excitement on a familiar formula. Aside from standard attacks and upgrades, you’ll need to master unique elemental weapons to both combo for the highest of high scores, and at times, to actually make it through the levels.

Caladrius Blaze isn’t extremely long – but that’s no bad thing either, because there’s not a dull moment in sight. It never has to pull its punches either – and whether you’re new or a veteran, there’s bound to be a difficulty level to match what you’ve got.
Approach with care, the game does tend to get NSFW at times.

Flow like chaos and flashy destruction in Caladrius Blaze, coming soon

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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