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Pizza Connection

Pizza Tycoon & Pizza Tycoon 2, a classic strategy/management series, is available now, DRM-free on

This is important: we have to talk about Pizza. Because whether you like it New York or Italian-style, alone or with friends, slender or thick, simple or intricate, shapely or au-naturale, with a mouthwatering cheesy crust, and all kinds of delicious cheese on top, a tad of oregano sprinkled on top, and… uhm, this was definitely going somewhere.

Pizza Tycoon (also known as Pizza Connection) and Pizza Tycoon 2 (also known as Pizza Connection 2, also known as Fast Food Tycoon 2) are your shot at the dream: to build and manage your own pizza empire!

Choose your very first locale, then the decor, the staff and stock, and finally the menu. Heat things up as you enter a universe of possibilities aboard the mouthwatering (and sometimes not so much) pizza creation tool. And if things just aren’t going so hot, you may heed the call of the pizza underground – where the ends justify the means, your competition trembles in fear, and the pepperoni smells funny. Just stay out of trouble with the law.

Fun Fact: In some countries, the original game CD-ROM actually smelled like oregano. Some say you can smell it to this day, talk about CD-licious!

Slice by slice, through thick or thin, guide your pizza empire in Pizza Tycoon and Pizza Tycoon 2 – available now, DRM-free on

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