Weekly Staff Picks: Dungeons & Prisons

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Up to 75% off Prison Architect, Darkest Dungeon, The Escapists, Guild of Dungeoneering, and more!

All beaches within walking distance are packed and the prices to the nearest tropical paradise are a tad too high. But don’t fret, there are some equally intriguing destinations that you can spend your vacations in: Dungeons and Prisons! There’s plenty of humidity here, too, as well as a shortage of personal space, an abundance of ravenous insectoids and crustaceans, plus the distant echoes of inhuman screams. But the food is better and everything here is far less expensive, like up to 75% less!

Paranoia, fatigue, nightmarish monstrosities, and lots of blood. Nothing screams holidays like a trip to the Darkest Dungeon, a place where all your hopes, dreams, and well-equipped mercenaries go to die a horrible, turn-based death. You’ll love it.

Need a confined space to call home for a while? Well so do these inmates, and they are relying on you, the acclaimed Prison Architect, to build it and run it for them. Manage the facilities, put out fires, and keep the criminals so content that they’ll never want to leave.

You’ve earned some relaxation, so kick back with a short session of Desktop Dungeons. Kill some monsters, pick up loot, solve puzzles, then go back to whatever it is you were doing. Ok, maybe right after you finish this dungeon. Or the one after that.

Get cozy and spend some time inside these rather inviting Dungeons and Prisons, going for up to 75% off. Don’t worry about running out of confined spaces, there are plenty for you to explore: The Escapists, Dungeon Keeper Gold, Guild of Dungeoneering, Dungeons 2, and more!
The promo will last until August 5, 9:59 AM UTC.

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