After School: Things you might have missed during the Sale

Classic Games

Sweet games that were released while you were attending the Back to School Sale!

Boy, that was an intense last week: big Sale, new classmates, new teachers, new game releases. Oh, you didn’t happen to miss any of these last ones, did you? Because that would be a shame – they are all great for blowing off some steam after a long evening of intense homework.

Cossacks II is a great way to pretend you’re still studying, thanks to its historically inspired European battles.

ClusterTruck requires the exhilarating reflexes and quick thinking that you might not find in your homework assignments.

Turmoil gives you a good opportunity to test your knowledge in applied economics as a rising oil tycoon.

Reigns is the perfect bite-sized game for these small breaks that you take in-between homework and your favorite late-night show.

The Metronomicon is a breezy and fine-tuned RPG experience with an addictive soundtrack that you’ll keep humming during class.

Wuppo is a lighthearted stress-reliever for these agonizing nights before a big test.

Hybrid Wars lets you blast your enemies into scrap metal, pretending they are this spiteful teacher who yelled at you the other day.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is an emotional journey for when your crush turns down your offer to study math together.

The Last Leviathan brings your daydreaming fantasies to life, as long as they include building your own ship and surviving the terrors of the deep.

Caravan plays like a bedtime story full of Oriental wonder and mystique but with more intrigue and fateful decisions.

Masquerada: Songs and Shadows offers that dramatic flair that’s missing from school book imagery, with an extra layer of tactical gameplay and captivating storytelling.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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