Weekly Staff Picks: School Nights

Classic Games

Up to 85% off the best schoolnight companions: Mount & Blade: Warband, Inquisitor, Hocus Pocus, Stronghold Crusader HD, and more!

You know what comes after school, right? Plenty of chilly School Nights full of homework, online chatting with that hot new classmate, and videogames! Some of them are here to help relieve the stress, some might let you apply all this newly acquired knowledge, and some will challenge your logical thinking and time management skills. But they are all perfectly good reasons to keep alt-tabbing away from school projects, and they are going for up to 85% off!

The Inquisitor is no knight in shining armor because their tortured, bleeding world has no room for heroics. It is a place of strife, misery, lost souls, and unforgiving yet rewarding old-school sensibilities, that will challenge both your role-playing skills and your wits.

With its massive battles punctuated by moments of brutal physicality and its addictive sandbox gameplay that lets players build their own story, Mount & Blade: Warband arguably stands among the most immersive medieval simulators to ever fight for our affections.

Passing your knowledge, your gold, and your genetic imperfections down to your platforming offspring is the best way to help them forge their own Rogue Legacy and vanquish evil, one procedurally generated dungeon at a time.

Lock the door, put your headphones on, make lame some excuse for not coming down for dinner, and fire up your favorite School Nights game: is it Rune Classic, Bombshell, Stronghold Crusader HD, Secret Agent, or one of the many others?
The promo will last until October 7, 9:59 AM UTC.

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