Welcome back, Ceville: -25% for a week!

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He’s short, he’s bad, he’s back – and 25% off.

Missed him? Ceville, the mustache-twirling, disenfranchised tyrant, is now back on GOG.com! Join in his pointy’n’clicky misadventures with a 25% discount that will run until the end of his homecoming week!

Better not ask how he did it – the important thing is he’s back where he belongs and still as delightfully evil as ever. Now that this is done, he can once again turn his attention towards saving beautiful Faeryanis – the very kingdom he once ruled until his brave subjects gave him the boot. Sure he was a little arrogant, perhaps a dash selfish, and totally obnoxious, but at least he wasn’t a horror-summoning monster like that two-faced Basilus! Plus he’s got a quite fabulous hat and that’s all you really need to rule.

Come say welcome back to Ceville and help him reclaim his throne!
The 25% discount will last until January 23, 2:00 PM UTC.

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Source:: GOG – Good Old Games


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