Weekly Staff Picks: Team17’s Free Worm Up

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50%-80% off Worms 2, Worms World Party Remastered, Superfrog, The Escapists and more!

Who doesn’t love teams? We certainly do. Especially the ones that take the weirdest, coolest ideas and turn them into good, silly fun. Join as we celebrate 25 years of one such team’s game-making achievements in our Weekly Staff Picks: Team17’s Free Worm Up. Enjoy a treat on the house and grab your free copy of Worms: Forts Under Siege but don’t forget to also check out the 50-80% discounts applied to Team17’s adorable catalogue for three whole days.

You would expect all invertebrates to be cowards, but Worms are the fiercest warriors you’ll ever meet. So it is no coincidence that they can handle the zaniest, punchiest, most hilarious weapons you’ll (n)ever see deployed in warfare. Master their bloodthirsty ways and dig into the beloved Worms series that changed hot-seat multiplayer forever.

Being locked up can really dampen your mood. But not for The Escapists who go about everyday prison life in the most carefree way imaginable. Probably because they know you’ll help them taste freedom soon. Pick the perfect escape route, learn your captors’ daily routines and execute your spectacular breakout with or without the help of Rita Hayworth!

But please, don’t excuse yourself from the party just yet! Once you’ve secured your free copy of Worms: Forts Under Siege make sure to check out the rest of Team17’s catalogue going for up to 80% off. That includes: Worms 2 and Worms World Party Remastered, the charming platformers Superfrog and Superfrog HD, plus all available DLCs for The Escapists. Team17’s Free Worm Up will last until December 17, 10:59 AM GMT.

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