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Up to 80% off Divinity: Dragon Commander, Syberia 1+2, Arcanum, 80 Days, and more!

Hydraulic contraptions that defy science. Hulking machines coming out of thick air, pneumatic tubes attached to their limbs. A touch of mystical power holding all these incredible creations together. Drenched in barely unattainable retro-futuristic technology and galvanized with magic, these Steampunk Stories never fail to fascinate, inspire, or challenge us. And the up to 80% discounts are the final ingredient that keeps this powder keg of cogs, scrolls, and unstable valves going.

Lead your troops, organize your war campaign, negotiate politics with colorful characters, and swoop into the battlefield as a shapeshifting Dragon Commander. A truly divine blend of RTS, RPG, and action, sprinkled with a healthy dose of oddball charm.

The arctic temperatures of Syberia can never hope to freeze the warm heart of these magical adventures. Keep your hankies close as you join Kate Walker in a dreamlike journey, following the footsteps of an enigmatic inventor of automatons.

Jules Verne would surely be proud of 80 Days, this innovative blend of strategy and interactive fiction that retells the definitive globe-trotting tale in the most fun and addictive manner available to us since 1872.

Blow off some steam and enter this semi-imaginary age full of Steampunk Stories. Its engine runs on up to 80% discounts and the wagons are full of prestigious passengers like Arcanum, the Deponia trilogy, Sir, You are Being Hunted, The Swindle, and more.
The promo will end May 13, 9:59 AM UTC.

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