Weekend Promo: Tales of Adventure

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Up to 80% off point’n’click tales worth telling: The Wolf Among Us, Moebius, Tex Murphy series, The Last Door, and more!

In every group worth its salt, there’s always a storyteller. They might deal in funny stories, suspenseful stories, spooky stories, or even emotional stories but they make them all equally captivating. It’s a gift. Tales of Adventure is full of games that share this gift. Adventure games have always been about rich worlds, unforgettable characters, and distinct storylines, interwoven with brain-teasing puzzles. And you would be hard-pressed to find better storytelling experiences than the adventures offered here, let alone the up to 80% discounts put on them.

Even if you don’t particularly enjoy shooting wasteland wackos in the face, you really need to hear these Tales from the Borderlands. It’s a rollercoaster ride of crazy antics, volatile character dynamics, and “no way!” moments that will make you miss Pandora the second it’s over.

GK: Sins of the Fathers – 20th Anniversary Edition is the perfect reminder of why a timeless tale of voodoo, murder, and supernatural hunting never stops being fascinating, especially after it’s received a bit of sprucing up.

So, are you in the mood for some Tales of Adventure? You should be, because these are 20+ of the most engrossing point’n’clicks out there, going for up to 80% off: The Wolf Among Us, Little Big Adventure 1+2, Moebius, Tex Murphy: Tesla Effect, and many more. The promo will last until May 10, 3:59 AM UTC.

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