Weekly Staff Picks: Roguelikes and the like

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Up to 75% off Weekly Staff Picks: NEO Scavenger, Tales of Maj’Eyal, Rogue Legacy and more!

I like roguelikes, you like roguelites, everybody likes roguelike-likes and the like – a vague yet curiously descriptive subset of a genre: Neverending death labyrinths, random everything, tough love and a big, fat middle finger. We just can’t help but be into it, and we know you like it like that.

Tales of Maj’Eyal is like the granddaddy of roguelike gaming. Deep roots and a crazy-long history, it went from an open-source wonder – to a cult, underground hell. But you don’t need dungeons to royally screw you over, you can just go outside: the world of NEO Scavenger is a cruel, cruel place to explore, and it’s this year’s Roguelike fan-favourite. The thing about roguelikes and the like, though, is that they’ve got to hate you with a passion of a thousand random suns – everything else is pretty much fair game. That’s how we get roguelike platformers like Ascendant and Rogue Legacy. Or if you want to get even weirder: there is the roguelike “lunchbreak FPS” Tower of Guns – that’s one hell of a combo that just got updated with support for Linux and Mac OS X!

With discounts up to 75% off, check out our very own dungeon of a thousand painful deaths, er… our Weekly Staff Picks: Roguelikes and the like. It’s FUN, we promise.
The discounts will last will last until Thursday, March 26, at 10:59 PM GMT.

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