Weekly Staff Picks: One and Done

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Up to 80% off Metrocide, REVOLVER360 RE: ACTOR, Screencheat, and Sublevel Zero!

Videogames are known for their unrealistically forgiving nature, since a blow from even the most colossal boss usually just costs your tiny hero a fraction of their lifebar and not a disgraceful spot at the Human Pancakes Museum. Some games don’t mess around, however. They don’t leave much room for missteps, sloppy dodges, or misfires and deliver a One and Done experience that’s all about skill, determination, and sometimes luck. Also many, many game overs.

T.J. Trench’s got a tough name, a tough job, and a tough city to deal with. In the top-down, unforgiving cyberpunk setting of Metrocide you must sneak around and assassinate your contract targets undetected, because even one mistake will mean your neon-lit permadeath.

Want to spin inside a hellish torrent of blasts coming your way from all directions, gather intelligence, and save the day before permadeath gets you? Then descent to the procedurally-generated Sublevel Zero.

Let your guard down for just a second and you’re One and Done. But that doesn’t apply when choosing what to get from this promo, since it’s too hard to only pick one from a selection that also includes Screencheat and REVOLVER360 RE:ACTOR.
The promo will last until April 22, 9:59 AM UTC.

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