Weekend Promo: Wordplay + 1C + Firefly + Frozenbyte

Classic Games

Up to 85% off a vast selection of celebrated hits: Stronghold Crusader HD, Tex Murphy: Under a Killing Moon, Star Wolves, IL-2 Sturmovik™: 1946, and more!

It’s hard not to find a game worth your time inside the joined catalogues of Wordplay+ 1C + Firefly + Frozenbyte. And even if you do, there’s sure to be another gamer waiting in the corner to snatch it off you and put it on his top shelf. Now that this great selection of time-sinkers, brain-twisters, and adrenaline-suppliers goes for up to -85%, there simply is no excuse for putting off giving them a try!

Rain death on the advancing Axis powers from the cockpit of your IL-2 Sturmovik™: 1946. The realistic combat and fine-tuned flight mechanics are still considered unsurpassed to this day, and the historically accurate maps and scenarios are just icing on the cake.

Armed with blind luck and his few remaining cigarettes, Tex Murphy will get thrust inside a maelstrom of lies, murder, government cover-ups, and temptation circling the mysterious Pandora Directive. Will he stumble out of it victorious or will he soon get to meet The Big P.I. in the Sky?

It’s not everyday that you get to be a Stronghold Crusader HD and experience these turbulent times from both the side of Richard the Lionheart and Saladin. The city-building/RTS gameplay and the abundance of addictive missions can turn even heathens into strategy believers.

You don’t need to look hard for your next favorite game – it’s somewhere inside this Wordplay+ 1C + Firefly + Frozenbyte Weekend Promo. See, it’s nearly impossible not to stumble upon a classic when dealing with the kinds of: Star Wolves, King’s Bounty: Crossworlds, Perimeter, UFO: Aftermath, Trine 2, and all the others!
The promo will last until August 16, 3:59 AM UTC.

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