Release: Singularity™

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One man alone cannot fight the future.

Singularity™, an intense time-bending FPS where past, present, and future are locked in a violent fluctuation, is available now, DRM-free on

How was U.S. marine Nathaniel Renko supposed to know that saving a Russian scientist from a fire in 1955 would have such catastrophic results in the present? Now a tyrant has taken over the world, leaving Renko and his techno-magical glove to sort out this mess and salvage the best possible version of the future.
Armed with the appropriately named Time Manipulation Device (TMD) and plenty of conventional firepower, Renko must face an army of elite soldiers and horribly warped abominations that shouldn’t exist in any era. The TMD can rapidly age his enemies, send energy surges through them, or even manipulate inanimate objects to his advantage, as he jumps between 1950s Russia and its modern day counterpart, looking for the means to save the world from the singularity.

Manipulate time and your enemies’ life force as you desperately try to cancel the Singularity™, DRM-free on

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