Weekly Staff Picks: Mars Attacks!

Classic Games

60-66% off Serious Sam 1&2, UFO Trilogy, Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space.

Aliens, the worst sort of scum on earth. They come uninvited, pillage our villages, explode our cities, and bother our cows. Well, that’s not going to go on forever – whether you’re about giant laser-scatter-missile-launchers, tactical efficiency, or outsmarting 50’s pulp aliens – when Mars Attacks, we too come in peace.

Head exploding, trigger mashing, and putting the cannon in cannon-fodder is never going out of style. At least not as far as Sam “Serious” Stone is concerned. With Serious Sam: The First Encounter and Serious Sam: The Second Encounter you too can mow down layer after layer, after layer, after layer of alien invaders. From charging bulls through laser shooting mechs and headless kamikazes, none of this really has to make sense. If cause and effect are things you like to concern yourself with, the UFO Trilogy may be more up your alley. With UFO: Aftershock, Aftermath, and Afterlight you’ll have to be smart and cunning to blow an entire alien invasion into the afterlife. Finally, with more pulp than fresh-squeezed orange juice – Albedo: Eyes from Outer Spaceb> is a smart thriller that just oozes atmosphere and unique charm. Giant eyeball squids beware!

We come in peace, Mars leaves in pieces. Your own flavor of alien-killing fantasy is here in Weekly Staff Picks: Mars Attacks at 60-66% off! The promo is set to last until Thursday, July 16, 9:59 AM GMT.

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