Weekly Staff Picks: Live By The Sword

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66% off Mount & Blade: Warband, Napoleonic Wars, With Fire and Sword, and Viking Conquest.

Pillaging. What is it good for? Money, people, land. Riches and glory. Kingdoms falling to ground before you. Overwhelming power. You are king. You are god. You are a pirate. It really pays to Weekly Staff Picks: Live by the Sword, and you can kickstart your new, better life with up to 66% off several of the most open, powerful sword-swingin’ contest simulators out there.

The Mount & Blade series is best known for its huge scale and organic, free-form sandbox gameplay. There are hundreds of unique locations out there – camps, villages, towns, castles, kingdoms. You’re free to explore the world and find your own place and your own role.

You can become a roaming bandit. Traveling, pillaging towns and traders. You’ll acquire your own warband, first there will be dozens of you – then there will be hundreds. You’ll become a force to be reckoned with, capable of standing your ground against the greatest armies.

You can become a mercenary. A man or woman for hire. You have the experience, you have the numbers. Now earn your glory in battle – for the highest bidder that is. Navigate political alliances and courtly intrigue. Pick your battles, and you might just find yourself in good with the right people.

You can become royalty. Through battle you’ve proved your worth. Perhaps it’s time to settle down? You’ve earned your rightful fief, it’s not much – but it’s a start. A village. A castle. A domain.

You can become king. To meet your foe in combat is one thing, to meet him at the dinner table is another. But you know you have the right to rule. Play your cards right, and you may just be able to be the …read more

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