Weekly Staff Picks: In Uncharted Waters

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Up to 70% off curious destinations for adventurous thrill seekers: Sid Meier’s Colonization, Pirates! Gold Plus, Atlantis, Man O’ War: Corsair, and more!

There is something reassuring in the familiar, in the roads well travelled. But they are not for everyone. No, some people live for the thrill, the danger, the unpredictability of venturing In Uncharted Waters. These games dared to go there, and boy, do they have stories to tell. They’re more than willing to share them with anyone wise enough to listen – for a fair price, of course. So buy them a round for up to 70% off, and prepare to experience the allure of the unknown.

There is no greater challenge than the taming of an unknown continent. As a French, English, Dutch, or Spanish leader, you must brave the economic, military, and political realities of the New World and achieve Sid Meier’s Colonization against the natives and the rival countries.

Lost in time and consumed by inner strife lies the mystical world of Atlantis. Ancient forces will awaken and epic tales will unfold, as you solve the puzzles and talk to the strange inhabitants to gradually uncover the complex mysteries of this wondrous land.

Part open-world RPG, part economic strategy, wholly unwholesome pirate simulator! Sail, plunder, trade, and fight to have your name recounted in horror or honor among the other scoundrels that thrive in the seas of Blood & Gold: Caribbean!.

Go looking for adventure, glory, or trouble In Uncharted Waters, and you’ll find gaming treasures going for up to 70% off, like: Corsairs Gold, Lost Sea, Pirates! Gold Plus, and more!
The promo will last until December 23, 10:59 AM UTC.

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