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The Guest, an eerie puzzle-exploration story of entrapment, is available now, DRM-free on with a 50% launch discount.

You’re Dr. Evgueni Leonov and you’re a guest in this stylish 1980’s hotel. Or are you a prisoner? You seem unable to leave your room, but as you explore it further, the walls give way to glimpses of other worlds. Some of these visions are shimmering with brilliant lights and some are overwhelmed by nightmarish wall-markings. Are you losing your mind or are you instead approaching a hidden truth that only you can unlock?
Explore every corner of your room, discover all its different instances, and solve the diverse puzzles and mysteries that are keeping you from uncovering the nature of your confinement. After all, no matter your shackles, the truth will set you free.

Navigate the mental and logical challenges of this gloomy hotel room as The Guest — DRM-free on
The 50% discount will last until December 22, 1:59PM UTC.

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