Weekly Staff Picks: Heroes on Horseback

Classic Games

Up to 75% off some mighty gaming stallions: Darksiders 1+2, King’s Bounty series, Kingdom: New Lands, and more!

What good is a hero without his trusty mount? The one that will tirelessly carry him across chaotic battlefields and towards epic quests, or at least allow him to bravely flee any immediate danger. No matter the circumstances, Heroes on Horseback never fail to look majestic and awe-inspiring: Whether they’re inspecting the troops, slashing down the enemy’s infantry, or just riding against wonderful backdrops. But hey, even they can afford a moment of humility, allowing their adventures to be offered for up to 75% off. They’re just chivalrous like that.

You can’t be a proper Horseman of the Apocalypse without a badass mount, now can you. Both Darksiders understand that too well, but even when you’re on foot, the intense fighting, tight platforming, and clever puzzles will keep you just as engaged.

A sturdy horse is essential when you’re out on a long, turn-based adventure to collect the King’s Bounty, along with a whole bunch of magical creatures and mercenaries who will fight for your glory.

Magical storms and vast armies are all well and good but in order to conquer the other Etherlords, you will also need to use diplomacy, turn-based tactics, and the powerful cards you’ve collected in your travels.

Spur your magnificent steed and try to catch up with the other Heroes on Horseback. They are riding towards all sorts of intriguing destinations, like: Kingdom: New Lands, Legends of Eiselwald, Eador. Masters of the Broken World, and more!
The promo will last until October 21, 9:59 AM UTC.

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