Weekly Staff Picks: Git Gud

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We’ve all got a story to tell about a grandpa who, every time we failed in a supposedly important undertaking, would tell us to just man up and Git Gud. The luckiest among us still have our grandma around, so that she can heal our bruised ego with a hot batch of strudels after each Game Over. But for everyone else, getting better is our only option. So hit these smug hardcore games with everything you got, and let’s see who’ll have the last laugh! After all, going down is just practice for picking yourself back up.

Spelunky‘s triumphant run may have begun underground but since this sparkling indie gem hit the surface, there was no containing it. Randomly-generated levels, gazillions of treasures, fantastic monsters, and addictive platforming made this an unmissable classic.

Geometry can often be frustrating but Super Hexagon‘s fast, rhythmic gameplay proves that it can also be used to generate some pure, addictive fun. As long as your reflexes are up to the task, that is.

Granted, the name sounds a bit weird, but there’s nothing weird about La-mulana‘s allure: it’s all about the fine-tuned adventure/platforming, the vast levels, and the unforgiving challenges that await players inside this mystical temple.

Sometimes gaming can be hard, but you know what they say, son: no pain, no gain. So press continue and keep practicing until you Git Gud, in the awesome training grounds of Odallus: The Dark Call, TIS-100, or VVVVV, now that they are up to 80% off! The promo will last until March 18, 10:59 AM GMT.

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