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The cornerstones of every strategist’s collection: up to 80% off the Eador series, Stronghold Crusader HD, Battle Realms, and more!

What do all great strategic thinkers have in common? Well, they are able to see the big picture and make the necessary sacrifices, even under stress. They always plan one step ahead of their opponent. They have a perfectly detailed imprint of their chin at the back of their right hand. But more importantly, they always seek fresh challenges. Like the ones that await you around this Strategy Corner, with an inspiring discount strategically placed on top of them. Your move, general.

RTS and city-building gameplay elements collide in the blood-soaked Arabian lands. Build your own castle, amass great armies and lay siege upon heavily fortified settlements as the Stronghold Crusader HD.

An epic game of thrones in the fantasy-coated realms of the orient? Yes, please! Battle Realms and its expansion Winter of the Wolf see the clans of the Dragon, the Wolf, the Serpent, and the Lotus go at each other’s throats with their trained fighters, ninjas, and spellcasters.

Slip through the cracks of a procedurally-generated galaxy ruled by our mechanical overlords and wage a desperate AI War against their oppressive rule. The odds are against you but humanity needs your real-time combat skills and your strategic planning in order to fight back.

Turn that Strategy Corner and gain a vantage point over these diverse and unforgiving battlefields. Put your plans to the test and conquer the challenges inside King of Dragon Pass, The Last Federation, Pacific General, Frozen Synapse, and many more! The promo will last until March 15, 4:59 AM GMT.

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