Weekly Staff Picks: Danger Zone

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Up to 80% off Freespace, Simple Planes, Red Baron Pack, Independence War and more.

Hey GOGlins. GOGlins. GOGLINS!
Call Kenny Loggins. Cause you’re in the Danger Zone!

Welcome to Weekly Staff Picks: Danger Zone
, where you’ll pull off all kinds of super-spy trickery, learn to fly planes and spaceships, and just be awesome in general with a whole lot of tip-top titles up to -80%.

You’ve got a week, maybe two, before liftoff. So binge your heart out on Freespace for a literal crash course in astronautics. Or at least the cool bits you’ll actually need on your mission to space.

A superspy has to be creative and resourceful. Say you’re stuck on an island full of pirates or something. And they’re out of booze. Well, Simple Planes is how you leave! There are tons of parts to choose from, you can make anything from a warplane through a dune buggy (but is that really gonna help?) and try to pilot your creation. A superspy has to be resourceful, so maybe just grab one of the 100,000+ pre-made planes, then make like a tree and get out of there!

Of course, There’s more to the Danger Zone. There’s the Independence War series, the Red Baron Pack, and way more up to 80% off. We’ll be inside the Danger Zone until July 15, 9:59 AM UTC.

Do you want a backlog? Cause that’s how you get a backlog.

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